Coming Spring 2020 to Suffolk, VA

State-of-the-Art express exterior, conveyorized, tunnel car wash with included self-serve vacuums at wash exit. Industry-leading wash equipment and cutting-edge chemistry deliver the best in automated car wash service. In just minutes, your car, truck, SUV, or van will leave the tunnel with a brilliant shine and protection from harmful road and environmental elements.

At Blue Hippo Car Wash, we take pride in giving our customers and their rides an over the top experience again and again. Our gentle yet powerful wash foam, coupled with the LED light show, truly transforms necessary vehicle maintenance into a fantastic experience for all ages!

We also utilize the newest technology in car wash conveyor systems allowing us to wash almost any vehicle, including lowered vehicles, vehicles with large or low profile tires, and even "duallys"! (Some restrictions apply)

Monthly memberships for unlimited car washes will be available.

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