The Blue Hippo Story

Car and truck enthusiats, Ben and Corey, ventured on a mission to bring a cutting-edge, clean experience to vehicles both small and large, old and new.

Frustrated by the inability of old belt driven car wash systems to accomodate their unique vehicles, they were propelled into researching alternative mechanics that would provide the convenience of a drive-thru car wash, while protecting their cars’ exteriors. Their research led them to the conveyer belt system which ensures all cars, trucks and even duallys can safely enter the wash with no risk of rim or wheel damage.

It was then that their entrepreneurial spirit took hold and they began working to take away the stress of car washing and provide customers with a relaxied experience.

From their time living in the mountains of Boulder, CO, Ben and Corey have a passion for lessening their environmental footprint and the damage caused by environmental impurities on vehicles. It is why they actively sought out ways to keep their environmental impact to a minimum and built the Blue Hippo with water saving technology.

With the utilization of the markets most cutting-edge technology, there is no competition.